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May 11, 2012

It’s open!

After many months, our online store is open! We shut our store down in December in order to keep up with our growing wholesale demand. At the time, we were struggling with our temperer and working hard to grow our production while our demand continues to increase. It feels pretty momentous to open the store again. We’ve made great strides with our production pipeline in the past few months. Cam’s taken on the role of production manager and has been busy whipping us into shape. He makes an epically long to-do list for us every morning and puts it on our chalkboard. After a few long days in February, we threatened to get him a smaller chalkboard with less room to pile on tasks. But, instead, we rose to the challenge of cranking out bars.

We’ve made a few other process improvements as well. Caitlin’s now an expert temperer, meaning there are extra hands to help make bars. Cam created a timer for our roaster. We now hear the Oompa Loompa song from Willy Wonka every time another round of beans is done. Todd and Greg have been working overtime on our cracker. And, the rest of us are pitching in as well. All these things together mean that we have bars on hand and are ready to sell them in our online store.

If you click over to our store, you’ll find our bars from Madagascar, Colombia, and Ocumare along with gift sets and tickets to our Chocolate 101 classes. We’ve also included a note about shipping in the warm summer weather. We have to be careful with our bars in the heat, so we’ll only ship out orders on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. We’ll take every precaution we can, but if you receive bars that have suffered in the heat, please let us know and we’ll happily replace them.

In the past few months, we received a few emails from chocolate lovers eager to buy our bars and we’re happy that you all now have ready access. Thanks for waiting!


  1. isabel ring

    What good news about the store reopening!
    I’ve been enjoying your updates these many months and admire the clear,informative and entertaining way you write.Thanks

  2. Alice

    Hi there,

    Thanks for saying hi! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog posts. There’s a lot going on here as usual, but it’s all exciting.


  3. Sean

    After waiting at least three months to order online, I recently tasted some of each of the three bars. This is still the BEST chocolate I’ve EVER had. It was totally worth the wait!

  4. Alice

    Sean, thank you for the nice words. I’m glad you got to finally enjoy the bars!


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