Community Chocolate 101

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Each month we put on an extra special Chocolate 101 class for our new employees, partners and community. This class is typically taught by Todd (but sometimes Greg D or Cynthia) so you can meet and learn from one of our founders or more experienced employees.

We look forward to getting to know you!

About Class

This class is an all-around introduction to chocolate lasting approximately two hours. During the first half of class, we’ll taste and learn about the different types of chocolate, their ingredients, and single origin chocolate.

Ingredients Choco 101

After a short break, we’ll learn about processing that goes on before cocoa beans reach Dandelion Chocolate. Then we’ll learn about our chocolate making process with machine demos and tastes at each step of the way from bean to finished chocolate bar.

Space is limited to ten participants. While content is geared toward adults, guests aged 12-15 are welcome if accompanied by an adult.


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