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Every year, we lead a handful of trips to the unique places we buy our cocoa beans. For the friends and customers who join us, this means a chance to see the world through the eyes of our bean sourcer (or as he prefers, ‘Chocolate Sourcerer’). These trips are as much an effort to make the bean-to-bar process and the cocoa supply chain more transparent, as they are an opportunity for us to bring you along as we continue to learn about our origins. Our Chocolate Trips are an opportunity for guests to follow the cocoa supply chain to its very root and directly spend time with the producers who grow and ferment the beans we buy. Each trip we take offers a different perspective on the supply chain and what it’s like to source cocoa beans as a small chocolate maker. That said, we design these trips to be as densely educational and adventurous as they are relaxing.

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Next Trip: February 10 – 17, 2019
Cacao Producer Visited: Maya Mountain Cacao Ltd.
Activity Level: Light to Moderate; occasional uneven jungle terrain
Starting Location: Punta Gorda, Belize
Maximum Group Size: 12 guests
Dandelion Host: Greg D and crew

This trip is a great first introduction into the world of cacao! You’ll stay in a beautiful jungle lodge and learn about the work of Maya Mountain Cacao Ltd. is doing to put Belize on the map of high-quality cacao as a young, progressive social enterprise. Among many other tropical adventures, you’ll learn how to make chocolate the traditional Mayan way, visit a rehabilitated industrial cacao farm, tour a small, diversified agroforestry farm, and enjoy a truly amazing part of the world!

Wondering if this trip is right for you? We recommend Belize for anyone interested in visiting a cacao farm for the first time, or those who are interested in getting in touch with cacao history or traditions. Because there are so many cultural experiences here, there is plenty to learn! We think this trip appeals to those of you bringing along a partner who may not love chocolate as much as you do. Perhaps they’ll love learning Kriol drumming or enjoy exploring a spice farm. Click here for more information about our trip to Belize!



Next Trip: June 2 – 9, 2019
Cacao Producer Visited: Zorzal Cacao
Activity Level: Light to Moderate, (including camping night at Reserva Zorzal)
Starting Location: Cabarete, Dominican Republic
Maximum Group Size: 12 guests
Dandelion Host: Greg D and crew

This trip will focus more on varying scales of production. We’ll visit Reserva Zorzal, a bird sanctuary and our source for Dominican beans. We’ll not only learn about the birds that Reserva Zorzal aims to protect, but we’ll see slightly larger scale processing at a nearby fermentary, Öko-Caribe (who also sells to many Craft Chocolate makers). We have opted for lodging on the beach in Cabarete, a town on the North Shore of Dominican Republic, making this trip a little less rustic than some of our other trips. While we will have a free day built into our schedule, you may even want to stay an extra few days to take advantage of the beautiful beaches and adventure activities there.

Wondering if this trip is right for you? Although this trip is a little less rustic than some of our others, we recommend this adventure for those who are truly head-over-heels for chocolate. While comfortable lodging and amenities are available, there will be light hiking and camping as we explore a much larger scale of production than any of our other origins. This trip is perfect for those interested in learning (or nerding out about) about the cocoa supply chain and logistics. Click here for more information about our trip to the Dominican Republic!



Next Trip: To be announced
Cacao Producer Visited: Kokoa Kamili
Activity Level: Light to Moderate, occasional uneven jungle terrain (10 hours driving on uneven terrain)
Starting Location: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Maximum Group Size: 9 guests
Dandelion Host: Greg D and crew

You’ll stay in a guest house at a convent run by the Sisters of Mbingu and learn about Kokoa Kamili and the farmers they buy cacao from. Kokoa Kamili is about the same age as Dandelion Chocolate and is actively growing each year and pays farmers about 22-25% above market prices which in turn pushes the price up for all farmers in Tanzania. While in Tanzania, we’ll take a moment to go on safari at the Mikuni National Park and spend time enjoying the beautiful scenery of Tanzania. 

Wondering if this trip is right for you? This trip is more for the experienced traveler who isn’t afraid of leaving behind the comforts of big city life to spend some time in Mbingu (Swahili for Heaven). Of our trips, this is most like a true sourcing trip, with a few more fun, educational and cultural activities sprinkled in to make the most of your visit to this incredibly remote and beautiful origin.

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