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Blazin Husks

Richard is a chocolate maker at our Valencia St. factory, and as a former line cook, he's been eagerly experimenting with ways to bring cacao husk into his culinary endeavors. Here, he gives us a primer on his most recent adventures: smoking meat and making charcoal...

Behind the Bitters

Our friend and collaborator Rob Easter (Workhorse Rye) makes some of the best bitters in the bay. Here, he lets us in on a few of his secrets and how the Salted Cacao bitters came to be.  I never wanted to make chocolate bitters. I have made drinks with molé...

How Low Can You Go?

One of my favorite parts of my job is teaching people to make small batches of chocolate in our Chocolate 201 class. It’s not just because it's fun to make chocolate, but I really love geeking out about chocolate and answering people’s questions. Every class, I get...