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May 13, 2011


On Monday, we had the pleasure of touring a few chocolatiers around the factory. Cristina of Kika’s Treats, Jewel of {cocoa}, Anastasia of Sweet Revolution, and Christine of Neo Cocoa came down to the garage to learn more about making chocolate from the bean.

We thought the best way to illustrate the process was to make chocolate together. In a few hours, we sorted, roasted, cracked, winnowed, and started melanging a batch of Costa Rican beans. We also let the chocolatiers try tempering with our Selmi. It took a minute for each of them to get the hang of the pedal depositor, and we threw back a few more bars than usual. But, they were excited to test out the machine and see how easily and consistently it tempers.

Each of these women gave us a lot of great information about making chocolate confections. We asked questions about the viscosity, consistency of flavor, and flavor profiles of wholesaled chocolate. Their answers will be incredibly helpful as we scale up production.

We also swapped treats. The chocolatiers went home with lots of bars, and we spent most of the afternoon snacking on Anastasia’s delicious caramels.


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