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Aug 31, 2011

Bean Olympics

We spent all week anxiously watching for tracking updates on our new bags of Madagascar beans as they made their way across the country. Finally, on Friday at 6pm, George, the freight truck driver, pulled up to our garage lab with five new bags. We were a little scared when he hopped down and told us “Amigos. We have a problem.” We had visions of bean explosions and hours of cleaning up our 375,000 beans that would be swimming around the truck.

After a tense moment, we luckily discovered that the bags were still intact and the crisis was that they were stuck behind all of George’s other palettes filled with giant deliveries. That, and he had a broken lift gate.

Since Cam is pretty skinny, he managed to squeeze through the crevices of boxes and pull the bags out one by one. We then found ourselves carrying the 750lbs about 150 feet by hand  all under 10 minutes– it was like the chocolate olympics.

Needless to say, we are pretty excited about these beans and can’t wait to roast them up and share them with you. Stay tuned!



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