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Sep 14, 2011

Still busy, busy, busy!

The warm weather’s just arriving in San Francisco, but we’re getting back to work with the start of fall! We’re back from all our summer vacations and catching up on production. We have a round of wholesale re-orders to fulfill, so we’ll be busy for the next week or so. We’ll definitely let you know all the new places you can find our bars.

We have one piece of exciting wholesale news now. Last night, I dropped off our first round or bars at Bi-Rite. The Bi-Rite Market is a San Francisco institution, and we’re excited to have our chocolate stocked on their shelves. If you stop by 18th Street to pick up a few groceries or a scoop of ice cream, you can also grab one of our bars from Madagascar, Venezuela, or Costa Rica!

Also, our bars from Madagascar are back! The bars at Bi-Rite and the bars we’ll have at tomorrow’s Mission Community Market are from our latest batch. The flavor is fruity and a little sour like we’ve come to love, but the notes are distinctly different than those in our last set of bars.

Finally, we’ll be back at the New Taste Marketplace this weekend. Over the past year, the New Taste has helped us get feedback about our chocolate and find a market in the city. If you’re free on Saturday, I hope you can come by. It’s a great place to check new food businesses, and we’ll be there with lots of bars to try! It’s 12-5 PM at 500 DeHaro Street.


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