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Feb 24, 2012


Don’t forget, we’ll be teaching Chocolate 101 next Wednesday night in our space. There are 15 spots and we’d love to see you there. Tickets are available in our store.

The other night David and John from Supermechanical stopped by to talk about their latest project- Twine. They recently raised one of the highest totals ever on kickstarter and are now working to keep up with an overwhelming demand. We met because we’d love to have Twines all over our factory. For example, we imagine using them to help us log data from our roaster and the ambient conditions. Months after a roast, we’d be able check the humidity and internal and external temperatures to help us understand any batch variation. We sometimes notice subtle differences in taste or viscosity between batches from the same beans and more data would help us get a better handle on the cause.

David and John came by during a whirlwind trip to the bay area- you can read about their take on our factory on their blog. We were really happy to spend a few hours talking about the joys of building machines. It seems like they have a lot of momentum behind their idea and are incredibly excited to move forward. They promised to stop by with prototypes for us to play with in April and we hope to have a factory decked out with Twines someday soon.


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