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Mar 29, 2012

How to find a golden ticket

A little bit ago, we wrapped our 10,000th bar with a golden ticket inside. We did it right, too. We mixed it in with all our other bars and purposefully lost track of it. That weekend, we packed up for the farmer’s market and for our event at Love and Luxe. A few weeks went by and we didn’t hear anything. We figured the bar came back with the leftovers from the market, went to a wholesaler, and likely made its way across the country. Then, we found it!

Betsy, the owner of Love and Luxe, wrote us a very happy email saying that she’d opened the bar and found the golden ticket! We put together a box of treats for her and dropped it off a week ago. The box was a celebration of 10,000 bars, so it had to be awesome. We included lots of bars, whole roasted beans, nibs, pocky, ground chocolate for drinking and baking, and chocolate gems made with Betsy in mind.

I was lucky enough to bring it to her shop. Betsy was thrilled. After our Valentine’s event, she was so excited about chocolate that she bought 5 or 6 bars. She gave most of them away as gifts, but kept one for herself, buried in her purse. When she finally opened it, there was the ticket! Lesson learned, keeping chocolate all to yourself really pays off.

If you’d like to learn more about chocolate making, take a look at Chocolate 101 in our online store.



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