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May 10, 2012

MSC Francesca

Our container is finally in the country! It’s on board the MSC Francesca, which is currently in LA, so it has one more short journey before it arrives in Oakland. We just heard from our customs agent that the beans have been cleared by the FDA, but they still need to be inspected by customs because we’re a new importer (gotta make sure we didn’t slip any guns in with our beans). Assuming smooth sailing (har har), we could have access to the beans in just a week or two.


  1. Mark

    Where are the beans from?
    What are you going to make?
    (I know it is chocolate — what will it taste like, do you know yet?)
    When will it be ready?
    Is how many pounds (tons?) of beans you are importing proprietary info? If not, tell us!

    Very exciting!

  2. Cam

    The beans are from the SOMIA farm in Madagascar. The container holds 12.5 metric tons but we don’t need quite that much so we’ll be sharing the beans with some chocolate maker friends of ours. We love the beans from this farm (our current 70% Madagascar bars is made with their beans from a previous harvest). We’re really excited to see what flavors we can unlock from this latest harvest. I can’t say when it’ll be ready since it’ll take some times for the beans to make it to us and then we’ll have to work hard to unlock the best flavor we can. Hopefully it won’t be too long 🙂


  3. Mark

    The concept of unlocking a flavor, the best flavor, is fascinating. Makes me wonder about a key 🙂

    Have at it.



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