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Jul 5, 2012

Through the Looking-Glass

Now that construction is in full swing and the dust is (literally) flying everywhere, the new factory space is attracting a lot more attention from pedestrians. We didn’t have any signs up for a while, meaning that people have had to content themselves with speculating wildly on all of the commotion.

Well, now they don’t have to wonder any more—thanks to the creative energy and hard work of Sarah Henry! Sarah is a recently graduated high school senior from the Highland School in Warrenton, Virginia. She was out in San Francisco doing a senior internship project with Creativity Explored, a local organization in the Mission that provides artists with developmental disabilities the means and assistance necessary to express and support themselves through their art.

We took advantage of Sarah’s artistic sensibilities while she was in SF to help us with our new storefront windows. Sarah created four beautiful window designs based around our current and future packaging patterns. She did an absolutely amazing job, and we’re thrilled that she was able to find time in her schedule to work with us!


Preliminary sketches


Playing around with color




Seeing Sarah (Thanks, Sarah!)


Looking good enough to eat


Caitlin approves!


Sarah will be starting university in the fall at the College of William & Mary, and we wish her the best in all of her future endeavors. You can see more of her artwork here. To learn more about Creativity Explored, please visit their website.


  1. Bill Fletcher

    This is not a surprise to those of us who know Sarah. She is a great girl and is a Virginian by birth and as such is welcomed in every country and land.
    her surrogate God Father-
    Bill Fletcher

  2. chiann

    Hi Bill,

    You are very fortunate to have such a talented goddaughter! We really loved having Sarah around, and are so pleased to have her artwork on our windows!


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