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Sep 5, 2012

Venezuelan Container

We were pretty nervous when we ordered our first container of beans (from Madagascar). Fortunately, the beans arrived safely and we’ve been loving them. The whole process went so smoothly that we’ve been working on another container of beans, this time from Venezuela. As we’re not experts in Venezuelan cacao, we’ve been working with our good friend Patrick Pineda. Patrick, aside from being from Venezuela, knows a ton about Venezuelan cacao and how to jump through all of the hoops to actually import it (he imported the first organically certified Venezuelan cacao to the US). Patrick and his farmer friend, Jose Lugo, have been instrumental in actually making the container happen, especially since we haven’t had a chance to visit… yet. Fortunately, all of the hard work is paying off and the beans were loaded into the container two weeks ago:

The container has a combination of beans from several different regions in Venezuela and it should be here at the end of month. That’ll be just in time as we’re about out of our beans from Ocumare, VE. Also, we’re bringing in more beans than we can use and will be selling the rest through Chocolate Alchemy. If you’re interested in some great beans, contact John Nanci.


  1. Mark

    What are the small white bags hanging from the ceiling of the container? Desiccant?

  2. Cam

    yup, you got it!


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