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Nov 6, 2012

Valencia or Bust!

It took a little longer than we’d original planned… ok, a lot longer, but we’ve finally moved in to our permanent home at 740 Valencia St! After doing a bunch of planning, we started packing and moving things on Thursday of last week. We took a bunch of the our semi-portable equipment (melangers, temperers) in the first load:

All loaded up

After that, we packed up a bunch of boxes with all of the stuff we needed and loaded them into the truck:

Caitlin wrangling the pallet jack. Where were they in college?

Tyler and Joey unloading

 Me about to drive the truck back to Dogpatch after dropping off a load at Valencia

The real challenge was moving our 2000lb wrapping machine from 1955 as it doesn’t really fit out of the door at the Dogpatch and we weren’t sure if it’d fit past our counters at Valencia. Fortunately, we had amazing help from Snooky and his team (Vic, Mark, and Sean). Snooky and Vic managed to wrangle the machine into the Dogpatch so they were the perfect set of people to help us get it to Valencia:

Snooky, grinning and planning his attack

Just squeaking out the door

We certainly weren’t gonna lift it by hand…

But that didn’t stop us from pretending we were 🙂

We had about a 1/4 inch to spare on each side!

Wrapping machine in its new home 

After moving everything over, we still needed clean things up at the Dogpatch space and set everything up at Valencia.

Todd and Maya setting up tables 

Tyler, Chiann, and Maya on the roof ladder 

Tod and Lisa did an amazing job giving the Dogpatch space a much needed scrub down and Erica and Lisa (what a champ!) were hugely helpful in getting things set up at Valencia over the weekend. By Sunday, our new space was ready:

(Photo credit:  Molly DeCoudreaux)

It’s hard to imagine the move having gone any smoother than it did; thank you so much to everyone who made it happen!


  1. Jessica Ferraro

    HUGE congratulations! Can’t wait to stop in soon!

  2. Ben M

    Pretty please open by my birthday on 11/14 ?

    Seriously, though, the new place looks fantastic.

  3. Cam

    Ben: I think you’re in luck as 11/14 should be the first day the factory/retail area is open to the public! The cafe will be coming a little bit later, tho.

  4. Jade Bentley

    Congratulations on all your success, the place looks brilliant! Looking forward to stopping in next time I am in SF.

  5. Joseph Smarr

    Awesome, congrats!! I’ll actually be in the Mission this evening…I’ll have to drop by and see (at least from the outside). 😉

  6. Dominic

    Looks amazing! Looking forward to checking out the new space soon!

  7. Kathy Cooke

    Congratulations, Todd! I will stop by with the baby sometime once you’re open.

  8. Tammy Chi

    YAY congrats!!! Can’t wait to come visit the new place! 🙂

  9. Nancy Nystrom

    It’s beautiful!!

  10. DD

    Well done!

    8 )

  11. Peggy Butler

    Congrats! Can’t wait to visit! Looking forward to seeing you guys this Sunday, too!

  12. Matt

    I’m not in this business and I don’t know anything. But here’s a potentially wrong suggestion you should take with a grain of salt: have holiday gift boxes of some sort, at a couple of different price points. I think you could do very well with those! I myself would buy at least a couple to take to the East Coast for Christmas!

  13. Joel Rosenberg

    Date for opening??

  14. Cam

    @Matt: I think a holiday gift set is a great idea. I really hope we can get something together in time for the holidays.

    @Joel: The factory and retail (but not the cafe, yet) will be open for limited hours (W-F: noon – 4pm, Sat: 11am – 6pm) starting this Wednesday (11/14)!


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