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Dec 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!


Happy holidays from all of us at Dandelion Chocolate! Thanks for making this an awesome year. We’re humbled to be a part of this amazing community; the support we’ve gotten from our new friends, neighbors, volunteers, fellow chocolate makers, chocolatiers, and chocolate tasters has been overwhelming. We can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store!

We’ll be closed for some much needed rest and will see you all next year. As we’ve sold out of our very last bars, we will reopen the factory the second week in January once we’ve had time to replenish our stock. And look for the cafe soon!


  1. Frank Lostaunau

    Welcome to San Francisco! I accidentally discovered your fantastic chocolate store while wandering in the Mission.

    After a few FREE samples I was in the zone and going nuts! My sweet tooth had not mercy…luv luv luv your chocolate!!!

    I’m interested in purchasing a cocoa pod but at $30 at shot, I would rather purchase the chocolate. I’ve seen the pods on line ranging from $10-$15 dollars. Yours cost $30. Is there any possibility of the price being lowered? I’m an artist and paint various kinds of pods. Keep me posted should you have a reduction in price.


    Frank L.

  2. Todd

    Hi Frank,

    Thanks for commenting. The pods are actually $20, not $30, so hopefully that helps. As you mentioned, you can find them online for less but have to pay for shipping and such. If you are buying a lot of them, that may be a better option. We mostly have them for decoration but enough people asked to buy they that we put a price on them.


  3. Kay Shapero

    I see the factory is down at the moment – enjoy a well earned vacation! And when it’s back up again, do you happen to produce a reasonably high cocoa percentage chocolate? Preferably with a correspondingly low sugar content?

  4. Todd

    Kay, we actually do have an 85% Rio Caribe bar that we sell in our store on Valencia street. We are completely out of stock on everything right now, but once we make some more we will start selling them again and hopefully put them on the online store as well. So please check back in the future. thanks!

  5. Gunnar

    I’d love that, too. I got the three-bar gift pack and enjoyed the flavors, but anything under 80-85% feels too sweet to me (must be getting old). I live in Austin so it would be great to be able to order some darker varieties online. Thanks!

  6. Steve

    Thanks always for the AWESOME chocolate.

    But my wife is down to her FINAL BAR of Dandelion. What day do you plan to reopen your Valencia store? This is important to pace her chocolate rationing!


  7. Todd

    Hi Steve,

    We are shooting for next wednesday for our reopening, including the new cafe. We’ve had a bunch of machine issues that are mostly resolved so we are still catching up, but hope to have more bars by then. Hope to see you then!


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