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Jan 16, 2013


By now you’ve heard of bean-to-bar chocolate, but have you heard of bar-to-bean? Our friend Ryan at Cat Trick Films made us an awesome and quirky video for our opening. Check out how chocolate bars are (un-)made:


  1. Susan Speicher

    The commercial doesn’t play.

  2. Susan Speicher

    Now it does!

  3. Cam

    Glad it’s working now!

  4. Joy

    Your video was fun! Congrats on your opening! I’m excited about the idea of small batched chocolate made with LOVE. I’m looking forward to visiting. I have a feeling your shop will be very much Joy of Romance Approved.

    I’m working in the Dogpatch with my co-host, Val Cunningham of The Dance Loft, on Saturday teaching a couple’s enrichment seminar called “It Takes Two to Tango: The Basics” (the first of four workshops this year- http://www.joyofromance.com/events). Love to find a way to incorporate some of your chocolates into my discussion on Aphrodisiacs.

    Super delicious happiness,

    p.s. It’s not to late to join us… but if you miss this first one mark your calendar for April 27th.

  5. Frank Lostaunau

    I’ve been for a sample and it was wonderful!!!

    When I returned it was closed. The sign indicated that you re-open on January 18. Are you open?

    What is the price of a cocoa pod?

  6. Todd

    Yes, we are open from 11am – 6pm from Wednesday – Sunday. And we have dried cocoa pods for sale for $20. We also have (a short supply) of cacao fruit that you can order as a cocoa fruit smoothie from the cafe. Hope to see you there!

  7. Lily-Mae Andrew

    Loved the video, congrats on your opening. I’m down near the factory in another month or so and will drop in. I just love my chocolate 🙂


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