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Feb 7, 2013

Meet our production team

I’m very excited to share a video that Hannah Radcliff put together for us earlier this fall. Hannah lives in St. Louis, but stopped at Four Barrel on a recent trip to San Francisco and discovered our chocolate. She wrote to us asking if she could make a video about our “rich and delicious” chocolate on her next trip, and of course we said “yes!”

She recently posted the video as part of a travelogue by FEAST magazine. Her video turned out beautifully. It does a fantastic job of introducing each step of our process and each member of our production team. Thank you, Hannah!


  1. Matte Gray

    What a great video! It gives me great joy to watch Dandelion grow.

  2. Alice

    Thank you so much for your note, Matte!

  3. Nick

    Thanks for sharing your video! I can’t believe you are right in my backyard!

  4. Alice

    We just opened our cafe at 740 Valencia Street in the Mission. I hope you can stop by!

  5. isabel ring

    A friend, Catherine, said:
    “Wow, just watched the video;is it legal for people to have SO MUCH FUN WORKING???!!!! “

  6. matthew d. lyons

    Great video! My reaction was the same as when I saw the piece on the Mast Brothers from New York. Wow…just wow. I really appreciate seeing behind the scenes of artisans, and it was cool to see the pride and care exhibited by the various staff throughout the production of your chocolate. I plan to include this video in the next installment of my “bookmarks” post on my blog. I hope that all that view the video will come to your site, or visit your in person. I know that i plan to do just that the next time that I’m in San Francisco.

    Continued success — Cheers!

  7. Lauren @ roamingtheworld

    Great video.
    Congrats on moving into the long awaited factory and café!

  8. Alice

    Thank you so much, Lauren!

  9. Lise Gibson

    I am so stocked with this operation. Bravo!

  10. Lise Gibson

    Very Inspirational!! Bravo!!

  11. Alice

    Thank you, Lise!


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