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Feb 21, 2013

Scrapeasaurus Rex

There’s no shortage of Wonka-esque molten chocolate flows in the factory: between the four melangers, two temperers, and dozens of pans that ferry the chocolate between them, we have innumerable surfaces with luscious chocolate coatings that we need to scrape clean. My quest for the ideal implement (a treasure trove of innuendo if there ever was one) began when I emptied a melanger for the first time back in July–it’s a messy business at best–and thought, there’s got to be a better way!

there's got to be a better way!

We experimented with various spatulas, metal, plastic, and silicone, but a satisfying scrape eluded us until light dawned and I considered the squeegee.


Our silicone savior arrived just in the nick of time for our new molds and the transition to the fill-and-scrape method of tempering, which was one small scrape for a man, but one giant leap for our company. We’re still searching for the perfect squeegee–just an inch longer and a tad sturdier, please!–but for now, these silicone squeegees from OXO are pretty awesome, so we ordered fifteen more. And…if you put them all together in a hotel pan after doing the dishes…you get a Scrapeasaurus Rex…rawr…which is rad!

Scrapeasaurus Rex

Because we’re actually dinosaurs.



  1. Humphry Slocombe

    This is great! Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  2. Jonny Thatchet

    Enjoyed reading your article, Tod.

    Teach us more about chocolate making!

  3. Fay Fisher

    I have not seen the squeegee yet @ stores! Love the OXO products! I have a few, Plan on getting more little by little. The quality is great and as always love the cool sharp designing of your products! Thinking outside the box works for Tod and for me! Thanks for sharing..If I hit the lottery I would buy everyone of your products all at once. Wishful thinking never hurt anyone! Have a great OXO night!

  4. Dixie

    I love when people utilize a gadget for an unintended, problem-solving purpose- very inventive!


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