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Mar 27, 2013

Venturing Out Beyond Valencia Street

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It occurred to me the other night as we sat and enjoyed our plethora of desserts at Ice Cream Bar on Cole Street that it was so nice to get out and connect with another small food business as a group of Dandelioners. Initially the night began as a way for all of us to celebrate one of our own, Erica, but it turned into so much more. When we presented our gifts of chocolate to their staff, the owner greeted us, excited that we had invaded her delightful old fashioned soda jerk establishment. She immediately realized she had just gotten the Almanac Biere de Chocolat in and asked if we had any ideas for the ultimate chocolate beer float. Instant collaboration! We couldn’t have planned this if we tried. She quickly whipped up a couple of drinks. The first, with Almanac chocolate ale, coffee syrup, and vanilla ice cream was delicious, but another with cherry syrup came out the clear winner in our eyes.

I will definitely be back again to see what other delicious concoctions she makes (something with our nibs possibly?)


It was so wonderful not only to share a night out with friends, get to eat ice cream for dinner, but to also make a connection with another business who is making this city special one square foot at a time. I hope to continue these outings on a regular basis to spread our cacao love across the city.



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