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Apr 30, 2013

Pop-up Season!

If you’ve stopped by the factory in the last week, you’ve probably heard that we recently parted ways with our pastry chef, Phil. Phil was amazing and we’re grateful for the time we got to spend together. He spent six months perfecting our hot chocolate recipes which will always remain on the menu. Since we have a chance to do something new with our pastries, we’ve come up with a crazy idea: pop-ups!

For the next 6-8 weeks, we are inviting our pastry chef friends to take over our kitchen for a week at a time. We’re asking that they funnel their creativity and passion to work magic on our chocolate. It’s exciting thinking about all the great treats our chocolate can be transformed into.

We’ve just finished a pop-up with the awesome Amy and Joe from Marla Bakery:

marla bakery

They made many delicious tarts and cookies and we were especially wowed by their pain au chocolat — something we’ve dreamed of snacking on since before we opened. Hopefully they will teach us a few of their tricks!

marla bakery

If you missed them at our shop, they are taking their amazing pastries on the road and popping up for brunch at State Bird Provisions starting in May.

kika's treats

Next up, Kika’s Treats! You’ve probably tried Cristina Arantes’ chocolate-covered graham crackers, but for the next two weeks you’ll get a chance to try her fresh baked treats. Cristina was born and raised in Brazil, one of the tropical lands of cacao, where she spent her days baking and eating all things chocolate. In 1999 she moved to San Francisco and worked at a variety of wonderful restaurants and bakeries before starting her own company.

kika's treats

I’m hoping she makes us some of her famous s’mores!

kika's treats

Thank you to all the chefs coming into our space and showing us their talents!


  1. sarah

    I love this pop up baker idea! When one door closes, another opens. All the best with Dandelion.

  2. Pat Sides

    Are you insane? You had possibly the best pastry chef in The City and he is gone and you have pop-ups! DUH! I drove in every other week (from Healdsburg!) to buy the best chocolate (and occasionally otherwise) deserts I have ever tasted and I have been all over the bay area for years – this guy was a genius. I didn’t even know who he was until I drove out there week before last and walked in to see a lot of unfamiliar and obviously inferior stuff, when I asked I was told he was gone and I had just been there the week before – had I known I would have bought all you had and frozen. I told a lot of people about Dandelion and now have to backtrack to correct and, of course, I do not drive all the way out there anymore. Yesterday, while @Ferry Bldg. a very good restaurant (until finding Phil) had their choc./caramel tart and choc. pots de creame – NO COMPARISON TO PHIL using your chocolate. Whatever happened it was a big mistake to let him leave. Do you know if he is working somewhere else? Of course, the plus side it saves me a lot of money!

  3. Pat Sides

    forgot to add – also, @Ferry Bldg. I finally got around to buying a package of “cookies” made by Kika (for 9$!!) and they are awful

  4. Todd

    @Pat — Phil definitely is a genius and we were sad to see him go. But he taught us a few of his tricks so a few of your favorite items might be on the menu again in the future. In the meantime we have a great line-up of chefs coming in — all with their own great styles. Definitely give us another shot when you are in town. And sorry you didn’t like Kika’s treats — next time you come in, ask for Todd and I will give you a quick tour and find something that you like.

  5. Kim

    Last week (or currently?) was Three Babes Bakeshop – I had the most amazing Chocolate Pecan Pie (apparently gluten free, tho it wasn’t labeled so) that was unlike all others and far superior. (practically f*ckable, in a good way)- am dying to try their other food so I ordered a bunch for an office birthday and am eagerly awaiting their arrival.

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