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Jul 26, 2013

Won’t you take me to…COCOATOWN?!?

Or rather Cocoatown came to us!

photo (8)

Our two new melangers are up and running and we have retired our first melanger–fondly known as Granny–to only be used in case one breaks. This brings us up to a total of five working melangers!

Here’s our buff team who moved the melangers in place! Look at all those chocofit™ muscles!  Also, special shout out to Greg and Cam, our executive tinkerers who made them operable!

photo (7)


  1. Lulu Ramirez

    Love it! Great team pic and congrats on the expansion! And congratz on the Top 30 under 30 list 😉

  2. herve Blondel

    Good evening, I am about to open my Bean to Bar business in Mexico and I am shopping for a Grinder. Would you say that Cocoatown is the best choice or would you recommend another brand or machine?


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