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Aug 9, 2013

Dandelion’s Most Memorable Cookie

It took a lot of editing, but here are the top five reasons this is our favorite chocolate chip cookie ever to have emerged from the Dandelion Chocolate pastry kitchen.


  1. It has an internal hazelnut-chocolate reservoir.
  2. This single cookie is actually two, separate cookies smooshed together.
  3. The casually sprinkled salty flakes.
  4. It has an inspiring balance of chocolate and cake-y goodness.
  5. Did we mention the homemade nutella?

This cookie is made by our one and only Meredyth Haas and will only be available from now until Sunday, August 11th.

Samantha & Maya


  1. Lisa


  2. Jenn Tron

    Sounds like my dream cookie!
    I wish I lived in San Fran 🙁

  3. Mark

    BEST COOKIE EVER – I had one and ended up buying 3 more for friends – to good not to share!!! Now if only I can get the recipe and some of that house made nutella.


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