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Feb 5, 2014

Beans Beans Beans!


Truck! Truck! Truck!!!

At Dandelion, we all wear multiple hats.  My name is Maverick Watson and most days you’ll find me in the cafe, serving up hot chocolates or coffee, but every Tuesday I am Dandelion Chocolate’s go to truck driver.  I pick up our cacao beans from warehouses in Hayward and Bayview and deliver them right to our factory on Valencia Street.


And sometimes I make Greg deliver me to the bean room!

Today I delivered beans from Mantuano and Guaniamo, Venezuela, and Camino Verde beans from Ecuador!  It’s a really great experience to be able to see how the vast stacks of cacao in a warehouse in Hayward are gradually turned into the chocolate bars that we have on our shelves.  So until next week, I’ll be serving the chocolate, not trucking it.

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  1. Warwick

    Not a particularly good photo with the “butt” of your jeans on my beans?


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