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Apr 22, 2014

Cacao Sourcing Talks

Gino from Meridian Cacao, Caitlin, Greg and I recently returned from an exploratory sourcing trip to Samoa, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea. Since each country was so different we decided it would not give due credit if we tried to summarize our entire trip in one talk. Instead, every few weeks we will share what we learned about each country’s cocoa industry with photos and stories from our trip as well as tastings.

Please join us in the cafe from 7pm-8pm:

  • Monday, April 28th:   SAMOA & Koko Samoa Tasting
  • Monday, May 12th:   FIJI & Adi Chocolates Tasting (a Fijian Bean to Bar Chocolate Maker)
  • Tuesday, June 3rd:   PAPUA NEW GUINEA & PNG Chocolate Tasting


Additionally, Greg, Chiann, Pearl, and Arcelia will be traveling to Camino Verde this May and will do a talk to share what they learn. Tasting will include multiple bars from Camino Verde.

  • Wednesday, May 28th:  CAMINO VERDE ECUADOR, 6-7pm in the cafe

Hope to see you there and stay tuned for blogs about our trips.


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