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Sep 24, 2014

This Friday — Chloe and Maria

This Friday (9/26) at 5-7pm in the cafe, our good friend and chocolate expert Chloe Doutre-Roussel will be doing a book signing and talk. Chloe will be bringing the last few copies still available of her book, the Chocolate Connoisseur. Chloe is considered one of the top chocolate experts / tasters in the world and we are excited to have her here for a few hours. As Chloe only gets to SF every few years, this is not to be missed!

Along with Chloe, we have another special treat — starting at 7pm, Maria Fernanda Di Giacobbe will discuss her recent and exciting work in Venezuela: Cacao de Origen, a Project to enhance and promote the Venezuelan cacao tradition alongside cacao producers, chocolatiers and chocolate makers. She’ll share a chocolate-y presentation from her unique perspective as a chef, entrepreneur, artist, chocolatier, researcher and author of Cacao and Chocolate in Venezuela and Venezuelan Bombons: 25 Recipes.

This event is free — please RSVP here.


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