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Nov 24, 2014

The Bar That Broke The Mold

When Josh and Evan, the discerning founders of Cool Hunting, sat down with me in the café at Dandelion to talk about a “collaboration,” I was intrigued. Their concept was to create a chocolate bar like no other, and when they brought in the boundary-breaking design firm Snarkitecture to design the bar and packaging, I knew we were onto something.

Despite the fact that Dandelion production is so very oversubscribed at the moment, we were up for the project for a few reasons. To begin, it’s a labor of love. Secondly, all of the profits will go to support Southern Exposure, a local non-profit organization.

It’s been a year, and we’ve finally arrived at the finish line. The result is a unique edible artwork in the form of a delicious chocolate topographical landscape.

The bar, once unwrapped from its silver foil, reveals a continuous fracture around the perimeter. Along this uneven edge, the bar splits into two pieces, revealing two perfectly opposite textured landscapes.

While the Break Bar looks simple, it was quite a challenge to develop. Creating the mold took several remakes. The first turned out to be too hard to temper, and the subsequent tries left a trail of broken bars which, to confess, we enjoyed immensely. Finally, we got it right.


When it came to actually making the bars, the production team was up for the challenge. Little did they know what they were in for. There’s three times more chocolate in a Break Bar than our regular bar, so getting the air bubbles out is no easy task. And to get the sharp edges we were looking for, each bar needed the tender attention of a hand-held hairdryer.


Erica drying

Even wrapping the bars is difficult. The foil is much thicker than what we regularly use, and the paper is difficult to handle.

In the end, for the sake of art, community, and chocolate, it’s all been worth it. To purchase the Break Bar, find it here.

PS — We’re producing a limited edition of 500 bars. One out of every hundred will include a “White Ticket,” which rewards the purchaser with a non-edible Snakitecture sculpture in the same form as the Break Bar.

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  1. Monte Caldwell

    Love it! Your ingenuity is not surprising…and I will be ordering a few bars this afternoon. Thank you!

    Southern Exposure is now on my radar as well – great non-profit.

    Best, M

    Monte Caldwell
    801-558-7758 cell


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