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Mar 4, 2015

The Cure-All

It may only be March, but it sure feels like summer outside. If this warm weather is too soon for your taste, we’ve got just the thing to ease you from the winter blues into these sunny days. Enter our brand new drink: The Cure-All! (We actually love the warm weather, but it’s never a bad time to drink something tasty.)


 So… What is it?

The Cure-All is an espresso tonic with bitters: a double shot of Four Barrel Friendo Blendo Espresso, a shot of Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic, and a dash of Work Horse Rye Salted Cacao Bitters served over ice in a Gibraltar glass. It’s at once refreshing, energizing, and delicious. It’s effervescent and foamy, citrusy and rich, light and dark.

Friendo Blendo Espresso has a clean citrus acidity and syrupy body, balanced with sweet berry, stone fruit, and dark chocolate notes. This unique profile interacts playfully with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water, which combines the traditional quinine with lemon thyme, rosemary, and carbonated mineral water. The floral mingles with the bitters, resulting in a complex, compact, and satisfying beverage. The bitters, of course, are the Salted Cacao Bitters that came about from a collaboration with Workhorse Rye, and feature (among many other things) cacao from Mantuano, Venezuela.


At various points in their history, all three of these ingredients have been used for their medicinal properties so I thought it’d be fitting to playfully title it “The Cure-All,” and although it is not intended to diagnose, prevent or treat any illness, it is really tasty.

On a side note—since The Cure-All is served in a Gibraltar glass, we will now be able to serve cortados as well!


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