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Aug 29, 2015

Considering A Last Minute Trip?

Considering a trip to origin? It’s not too late to join us for our Chocolate 303 trip to Ecuador from September 12-19th!


In Chocolate 303, we’ll be exploring cacao production from a small scale farm, learning to make traditional hot chocolate, and getting deep into what large scale production and exporting look like at origin. We’ll even taste some of the infamous CCN-51 chocolate liquor so we can make up our own minds up about the quality of its flavor.


Greg, Chiann, Arcelia, and Pearl on last year’s trip to Ecuador.

There are currently a few more spaces available starting at $1600. Registration will close on September 4th at 6pm Pacific Time. For more details on lodging (photos of each room are available when you select Book Now) and agenda, see the registration page.

And for those of you who like longer to plan, we’ll be updating our trips page with details of 2016 trips when we return from Ecuador.


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