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Dec 24, 2015

Closed for the Holidays


See you all next year!

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  1. Rebecca Burgos-Thillet

    hello there – I was in California for the Christmas holidays and was thrilled to get a bag of your whole roasted Madagascar cocoa beans as a gift. I wondered what advice you have about storage. I’m back in New York now and didn’t have the opportunity to visit your facility before I left – would have loved that! Next trip for sure. I couldn’t find anything on your page and wondered if it’s best to keep them refrigerated or even frozen. I have 12 ozs. and will try to make them last, have been usi,g the mostly for snacking so far. I’m reading and learning more than I ever knew about cocoa beans – what fun. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for a fabulous product!
    Happy New Year-
    Rebecca Burgos-Thillet
    41 North 2nd Street, #601
    Hudson, New York 12534


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