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Sep 27, 2016

New Pastry: Fig Tart!


I love figs. When I was growing up in my mother’s house, we had a Black Mission fig tree in the backyard that produced the most delicious, plump little figs in the summertime. I especially love how they pair with chocolate—that syrupy sweetness with a tart edge on top of a classic, chocolatey chocolate. When figs came into season this year, I knew I wanted to do something with them.

To start, we grabbed a few Adriatic figs, which are a little rounder, greener, and sweeter than most (at least to me they are), some classic Black Mission figs, and opened our pantry door to see what we could make.

A tart is a perfect way to layer flavors and textures, and it offers a million ways to build dimension into your dessert. We started our R&D with a honey ganache in an almond sable crust, topped with sliced figs. It was delicious, sure, but a little too plain. To cut through those soft, sweet layers, we added a bit of goat cheese mascarpone on the bottom. Now, all it needed is a little texture: honeycomb! We boiled up some honey, sugar, and water, whisked in the baking soda and let it set into a flaky, crunchy honeycomb that melts on your tongue.

Like all good things, fig season won’t last forever. If I had to guess, I’d say we’ve got two more good weeks left until the figs are gone and the pumpkins are here. So drop in soon and get one while they last!


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