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Oct 13, 2016

A Dispatch from the Ferry Building Hot Chocolate Stand

The Ferry Building is a lot of things: an iconic bayside tower, a commuter terminal, the beating center of local commerce in San Francisco, and it’s our home. We love the Ferry Building, and we’ve been happy to be a part of the community there for about two years.

Our Mission Hot Chocolate (with treat sleeve) on the Ferry Observation Deck

Our Mission Hot Chocolate on the Ferry Observation Deck

In February we upgraded from our small kiosk near the entrance to a full-fledged café, which we lovingly call our Hot Chocolate Stand, and moved around the corner. You’ll find the same retail offerings on our shelves in addition to our full beverage menu from our Valencia Street Cafe, and of course, our own Lisa Vega’s pastries. Last week we moved up our opening hours to 7am on Monday through Friday to provide Mochas (or just a cup of Four Barrel Coffee) to the commuters and downtown offices around us!


Our new spot is a tad less obvious than our old kiosk. We’re located outside of the actual building in the North Arcade alongside Marla Bakery, Fort Point Brewery, Blue Bottle Coffee and Sow Juice.

This is really exhausting.

This is really exhausting.

We’re here every day, anytime you need some hot chocolate to go with the kale and persimmons you just got at the CUESA Farmer’s Market on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Occasionally, we have special events too! This week, as part of the Third Thursday “Night Cafe” put on by the Ferry Building, we will be pairing our chocolate with beers from Fort Point Brewery and making chocolate with a metate, the way the Maya have done it for centuries!

Next time you’re down at the Ferry Building, come by and let us make you a hot chocolate or a coffee. On a nice day, you can walk a little ways to sit down and watch the sea lions. Most of the time they’re just sleeping, but with a hot chocolate in hand anything can be interesting. Right?


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