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May 16, 2017

Our Spanish Tours: The Lowdown

We’ve been running tours through our chocolate factory for a few years now, and this past January, we were thrilled to add a Spanish language version to our roster. The tours are led by Obed, one of our illustrious chocolate makers (and the handsome fellow in that there photo below). Here, he tells us a little about what inspired him to kick off the program, and what he loves about it. If you’re interested in booking a tour, head to our website

Q: Hi Obed! Tell us a little about what you do here at Dandelion Chocolate.
Q: Hola Obed! Cuéntenos un poco de lo que hace aquí en Dandelion Chocolate.

A: I am currently a chocolate maker and tour guide in English and Spanish.
A: Actualmente soy un Fabricante de Chocolate y Guia de las visitas en Ingles y Español.

Q: Where did the idea of a Spanish tour come from?
Q: ¿Cómo nació la idea de hacer una visita guiada en Español?

A: Well, I realized that we are located in the Mission District, a historically Latin community: “La Mission.”  And the origin of chocolate is in Latin America, and I feel many Spanish speaking people enjoy learning about it and how it’s made. And I wanted to honor the community that has been here for such a long time.
A: Me di cuenta de que estamos ubicados en el Distrito de la Misión, una comunidad Históricamente Latina: “La Misión.” Además, el origen del Chocolate está en América Latina, y siento que muchas personas de habla hispana disfrutan aprendiendo sobre ello y cómo se hace. Y quería honrar a la comunidad que ha estado aquí por tanto tiempo.

Q: What do you like most about hosting groups for factory tours?
Q: ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de albergar grupos que visitan nuestra fábrica?

A: I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned about the origins of chocolate and how we work diligently to keep it organic and pure, with no preservatives or artificial additives.
A: Me gusta compartir lo que he aprendido sobre los orígenes del chocolate y cómo trabajamos diligentemente para mantenerlo orgánico y puro, sin conservantes ni aditivos artificiales.

Q: Who comes on the Spanish tour? Any interesting stories?
Q: ¿Quiénes han asistido a las visitas guiadas en Español? ¿Alguna historia interesante?

A: Pretty much everyone found out about the tour on the website. We have hosted some bi-lingual tours, where one person spoke Spanish, and the other did not. I liked that one person came along, even though they don’t speak the language just to share a special experience with their partner. It was cool! Lots of people come as a family too. There was one family from Jalisco, who live in Stockton now, and they came to SF specifically for a fun tourist day. Then there are our neighbors who live or work right around the corner from the factory. I hosted about eight or ten volunteers from the Women’s Building once, and they were quite interested in the genetics of cacao.
A: Casi todo el mundo se enteró de la visita guiada en La página de internet. A pasado que en una de las Visitas Guiadas una persona hablaba español, y la otra no. Me gustó que una persona asistio a pesar de que no hablan el idioma sólo para compartir una experiencia especial con su pareja. ¡Fue genial! Mucha gente viene con su familia también. Nos visitó una familia de Jalisco, que vive en Stockton ahora, y vinieron a SF específicamente para pasar un día visitando la ciudad. Luego están nuestros vecinos que viven o trabajan a la vuelta de la esquina de la fábrica. Recibí a unos ocho o diez voluntarios del Edificio de las Mujeres en una ocasión y ellas estaban muy interesadas ​​en la genética del cacao.

Q: What do you like about hosting the Spanish Tour?
Q: ¿Qué te gusta de auspiciar una vista guiada?

A: I like how much history chocolate has, and how it is connected to the Mesoamerican culture.
A: Que cuenta la historia tiene el chocolate, y cómo está conectado con la cultura Mesoamericana.

Q: What has been most challenging about translating our chocolate making process from English to Spanish?
Q: ¿Qué ha sido más difícil al traducir nuestro proceso de elaboración de chocolate del Inglés al Español?

A: One of the things I found challenging in translating our tour to Spanish is that the terminology is not always literal. Another is making sure that it was done in a way that people from different countries would understand the process.
A: Una de las cosas que encontré desafiante en la traducción de nuestro tour al español es que la terminología no siempre es literal. Otra es asegurarse de que se hizo de una manera que la gente de diferentes países entendería el proceso.

Q: Lastly, what’s is your favorite thing about working here?
Q: Por último, ¿cuál es su cosa favorita de trabajar aquí?

A: I really enjoy working at Dandelion for many reasons. The people here are like family, we share ideas and feel very comfortable asking questions to continue to learn. I’m proud of the product we produce knowing the dedication to producing a chocolate like no other.
A: Realmente me gusta trabajar en Dandelion por muchas razones. La gente aquí es como una familia, compartimos ideas y nos sentimos muy cómodos haciendo preguntas para seguir aprendiendo además de estar orgulloso del Chocolate que producimos sabiendo la dedicación al producir un Chocolate como ningún otro.

Q: I know I said lastly, but here’s one more: what it is your favorite Dandelion’s bar at this moment?
Q: Ok., Ok Una más..¿Cuál es el Chocolate de Dandelion favorito en este momento?

A: Maya Mountain (2016) of Belize by Elman Cabrera.
A: Maya Mountain (2016) de Belize creado por Elman Cabrera.


  1. Willie

    Recently tried your 70% Ambanja ,Madigascar 2015 because I was looking for some high quality dark chocolate at 70%. The flavor was awful.
    Not sure how this combination of flavors morphed into the chocolate . I will try one of your other small batch chocolate bars and hope it is much better.
    Hope this constructive criticism serve your company well.
    Thank you

  2. Dana

    Hi there Willie,

    Thank you for reaching out and sharing your feedback. We are sorry that you didn’t enjoy the Madagascar bar! The flavors in that bar are pretty unique and we understand that they don’t appeal to everyone. We do hope you enjoy some of our more traditionally flavored bars like the 70% Mantuano, Venezuela bar or the 70% Zorzal, Dominican Republic. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@dandelionchocolate.com. If you are ever in San Francisco, stop on by our factory in the Mission. We’d love to show you how our bars are made. Again, we really appreciate your feedback and hope you enjoy our other products.


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