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Dec 2, 2017

Our Week in NYC

We’re almost at the end of our nine-day pop up in New York City, and…WOW. We are just so humbled.

Day in and day out, our tiny little corner café in Chelsea has been flooded with such warmth and enthusiasm, and we can barely keep the s’mores in stock! Chef Lisa and her team have doubled down in their little commissary kitchen, rolling out impossible numbers of cookies and tarts and brownies and more. We’ve made more hot chocolate this week than we thought we ever could, and we’ve been teaching chocolate making classes to the best and most welcoming crowds.

We have a few more classes and book events before we hit the road back to California on December 3rd, so come see us before then! The full list of events is here.

Thank you New York. We really do love you.

(And we hope we’ll be back!)

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Thank you Gennaro Pecchia for the photos!


  1. wendy

    Lovely pop up and a great product…

  2. R. M. Peluso

    Great to see you in NYC. We’d love to have to here ALL the time.
    Yours in chocolate,
    R. M. Peluso

  3. D Gordon

    How did I miss this???

    I lived in SF during the days of Alice Medrich; ever since, I’ve been looking out for places where food is a labor of love. Just heard your interview on NPR, and you sound like you might be there. Hoping you’ll be back soon!


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