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Jan 22, 2018

Meet Our New Winter Pastries

We’re constantly experimenting with new flavors and formats in our pastry kitchen, and every few months, we like to roll out a new, seasonal menu.

We keep some pastries on our menu year round—the s’more, the brownie flight, the chocolate chip cookie—but when the season’s first figs or persimmons or oranges come to market, our kitchen team just can’t help but do those flavors justice.

Meet the newest additions to our menu! (Spoiler alert: the winter citrus is almost too delicious right now.)

Salted Caramel Éclair

This season, we swapped out our earl grey éclair for a salted caramel rendition. With salty, caramelized cream inside and a rich, chocolatey Camino Verde glaze on top, it’s our new, delicious take on a classic.

Creamsicle Panna Cotta

Winter citrus, meet chocolate. This season’s version of our panna cotta is infused with nibs from Camino Verde, Ecuador and topped with chocolate orange streusel and citrus. Infusing nibs in cream creates a panna cotta that tastes like chocolate but looks like white cream, and when we mix that with blood orange? It’s a luxuriously rich and delicious creamsicle.

Chocolate Bostock with Roasted Apples

Our almond-laced, Camino Verde custard-filled bostock gets dressed up with roasted apples just in time for the chilly weather. We recommend it with a hot chocolate and a warm, cozy sweater.

Lime Macadamia Tart

Last but not least, a chocolatey, zested zinger. Meet our newest tart: a little bit tropical, a little bit tart, and a whole lot of delicious.

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  1. Margaret

    Re 85% Maya Mountain, Belize
    My daughter brought back a bar of your chocolate to me from her visit to San Francisco. WOW! One small square is all this chocolate freak requires to satisfy my need!
    Best. Chocolate. Ever.


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