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Apr 15, 2019

The 16th Street Factory Opens April 19th!

Dandelion Chocolate 16th Street Factory outdoor view

After four long years of construction, permit mayhem, and more setbacks than Annie would care to recall, our new home on 16th Street between Alabama and Harrison in SF will open its doors to the public on April 19th. Inside you’ll find our largest chocolate factory to date; the comfortable sit-down Bloom chocolate salon serving breakfast and afternoon desserts; a multipurpose classroom and event space; a casual cafe for hot chocolate, mochas and pastries on-the-go, and our third retail shop in San Francisco.

Diedrich Roaster at the Dandelion Chocolate 16th Street FactoryThe Factory

If you’re interested in chocolate machines, you should come see Caitlin and her production team’s new hydraulic-powered Bean Room, their bright yellow 70-kilo Diedrich roaster, vintage Refining Room ball mills and roll mills, and so much more. Choose your own adventure for getting to know how we make chocolate: either sit in the new bleacher seating sipping a Mission Mocha, or sign up for a tour of the factory floor. Speaking of tours…

Classes and Tours

School is in session in our flexible, multipurpose classroom and event space, and Cynthia and the Chocolate Experiences team have an expanded menu of chocolate classes, tasting sessions, making sessions, factory tours, and trips to origin to deepen your knowledge of craft chocolate at every level. Tasting, History, Sourcing, and Making courses are now available for sign up, as well as numerous kid’s classes, hands-on family learning, and family-friendly factory tours. We now have the capacity for private events like team building, baby showers, birthday parties, or whatever kind of gathering you’re planning. Our philosophy has always been that learning is more fun when there’s a hot chocolate at the end.

The Chocolate Salon

Bloom chocolate salonBloom, our chocolate salon, is nestled next to the windows that face the street, and for weeks now, curious eyes have been peeping the glimmering brass wall and ceiling tile, the deco-inspired geometric tile, oversized banquettes, and the supermodern lighting. Lisa and the kitchen team are putting the finishing touches on recipe testing, plating, and menu planning the likes of market quiche with greens and cacao fruit vinaigrette, and brûlèed brioche with Camino Verde, Ecuador chocolate hazelnut spread and cocoa nib cream. And Indica and Michelle in Creative have been hunting down teaspoons, saucers, serving vessels, and so much more to match the quality and thoughtfulness of the food they will serve.

Café and Retail Shop

Europeon drinking chocolateIf you’ve grown used to grabbing a mocha at the Ferry Building or on Valencia Street, you’ll also be able to get your drink fix here. There’s a full café onsite serving all manner of grab-and-go hot, cold, chocolate, and coffee drinks. In addition to our full pastry selection, there will also be a few new menu items in the mix, such as Kouign-Amann with a generous dollop of chocolate ganache at the center. The retail shop will stock all of our gift boxes, plus single bars and bar sets, and of course, tastes of all of our origins to help you pick a new favorite.

We cannot even begin to calculate the labor and the love that have made this dream of ours a physical space that we can now touch and see. The first batches of beans are roasting, the tempered chocolate is flowing, and that familiar scent of fresh chocolate is wafting into every room. And very soon, you’ll be here with us to engage with the best chocolate we can make.


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