395080_388918534516172_847872503_nOur chocolate has only two ingredients: cocoa beans and cane sugar. We seek out the most interesting flavors and the origins of our bars change frequently with the season, the harvest, and the roast. We’re currently offering three single origin 70% chocolate bars:

  • Maya Mountain, Belize 70% – a fruity bar that has notes of pineapple and honey
  • Ambanja, Madagascar 70% – fruity and tangy, with an almond-caramel finish
  • Mantuano, Venezuela 70% – fudge brownie with notes of cinnamon and espresso
  • Limited Edition Papua New Guinea 70% – smoky and jammy with a leathery finish

If you’d like to request information about purchasing Dandelion Chocolate for your store, café, or restaurant please contact:

Maya Granit

Email: wholesale@dandelionchocolate.com

Phone: (415) 349-0942

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