Press Release: November 14, 2012

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San Francisco, CA; November 14, 2012 –  On November 14th, Dandelion Chocolate will open the first bean-to-bar chocolate factory in San Francisco’s vibrant Mission food district. Dandelion’s combined open-air factory and chocolate cafe will give guests the unique opportunity to sip on a hot chocolate while watching cacao go from raw bean to finished bar as it is roasted, cracked, sorted, winnowed, ground, conched, tempered, hand molded, packaged, and signed.

Dandelion’s Valencia Street space will have three main components: a factory, cafe, and retail shop. The factory will be the primary production site for Dandelion’s award-winning, single-origin, dark chocolate bars. Retail offerings will include each of Dandelion’s current chocolate bars, confections made by local chocolatiers, and new bars made in collaboration with local partners, including a sea salt bar made for the little pirates at Dandelion’s neighbor, 826 Valencia. The cafe, opening at the front of the factory in the next few weeks, will offer hot chocolate, Four Barrel coffee, cacao-pulp smoothies, and a selection of pastries created in-house.

Dandelion has already made its mark on the international chocolate scene, winning a Good Food Award in 2012 for its Upala, Costa Rica bar. Each of Dandelion’s current bars contains only two ingredients: 70% cocoa beans and 30% cane sugar, leaving out common additives such as soy lecithin and vanilla.  By sourcing high-quality beans and carefully crafting tiny batches without unnecessary additives, each bar brings out the individual nuances of the unique beans. This process, together with the factory’s assortment of equipment — from the vintage to the modern to the custom and hand built — will be on display on Valencia Street.

Todd Masonis and Cameron Ring came to chocolate from the technology industry. And like many Bay Area startups, Dandelion began in a humble garage in Silicon Valley. Coming full circle, Todd, Cameron, and their eleven employees have moved to a much nicer garage: 740 Valencia, formerly home to Excellent Automotive Service and Repair. Working in partnership with Chris Harrelson at Brand + Allen, founders Todd and Cameron began working on the Valencia space as an empty shell. They designed and built the factory with a singular goal: “We wanted to create a space that truly celebrates chocolate. For us that starts with the bean. Instead of making something fancy and exclusive, we strove to create something intimate and personal. When someone steps through the door, they can see bags of cocoa beans coming in, discuss roasting profiles with the chocolate makers, and taste each step of the process,” said Todd.

For samples, images, and interviews, please contact: Jennifer Roy at or or 415-706-7644.


About Dandelion Chocolate

Dandelion Chocolate is located at 740 Valencia Street in the Mission District of San Francisco.  Until the cafe opening, the factory will be open to the public Wednesday through Friday from 12:00pm to 4:00pm, and Saturdays from 11:00am to 6:00pm. 415-349-0942.


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